From Principal’s desk

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all the secrets of our success in making learning joyful for young learners who happened to embark their lifetime learning journey at Apna Shabdh pre school and Day care from the very beginning and still continuing to do so in full faith and spirit.

I consider it my primary duty to encourage my staff to develop their overall skills as per their respective roles in making Apna Shabdh School a memorable experience for children and their parents. Weekly goals are set for each group of children and their teachers and accordingly directions are given and progress evaluated. Each teacher is encouraged to apply her talents to ensure realization of set learning goals for children. I personally coordinate all the functions of the school and keep eye on the progress of children. I act as a mediator to help resolve differences among staff to maintain healthy, soothing and loving environment so essential for children to play, learn and grow. Networking is done with scholars, knowledgeable persons in the area of early childhood education to connect teachers and parents with new ideas in the field. Parents meetings are organized regularly in the school to connect parents with parents and parents with teachers. Problem-solving is undertaken promptly at all levels inclusive of teachers, parents, children and related to running essential facilities in the school. At the end of the day, it is the team work of our staff that keeps our school’s work moving on and on to touch new heights. I always look forward to creative new directions and possibilities emerging in my own mind or coming through all the kinds of people I come across in my work including my ‘young minds’, ‘young learners’ and our future nation builders.