Our Quality Policy

The benchmark of our quality:

Competence of teachers:
Our staff has been chosen first and foremost for their love of children, besides being well qualified and trained.

Individual attention to each child:
We view each child as an individual with his/her own developmental needs and thus have good student teacher ratio.

Value for money:
The skills and abilities acquired by the young learners in the stimulating, loving environment of ‘Apna Shabdh’ speak of itself when large number of children gets admission in top schools of the city.

Leadership quality:
It has set the scene with small leadership acts that have generated credence and respect when big things happen i.e., the big smiles on faces of children and parents at the end of each academic session!

Parental involvement:
Open and honest communications with parents to enhance a child’s learning on regular basis with full realization that parents are the child’s primary and on-going teachers, sharing equally in the child’s education.

Innovative teaching:
The programme is holistic, child-centered, emotionally supportive and is based upon developmentally age-appropriate curriculum. It is delivered through novel teaching methods which are a mix of cognitive and traditional approaches stimulating children to ‘play, learn and grow’!

Infrastructure provision:
Air conditioned classrooms with power back; attractive in-door and out-door play areas with appropriate play equipments; activity rooms with variety of play areas; sand pits; nutritious home-made refreshments and transport facility are some of the highlights of our sound infrastructure.

Safety and hygiene:
All measures are immaculately followed to provide safe RO-filtered drinking water; hygienically cooked homemade fresh refreshment; spotlessly clean washrooms. Children are always attended to ensure their safety in the school premises all through.

Play facilities:
Out-door and in-door play facilities equipped with appropriate play equipment are available within the school premises.

TRANSPORT FACILITY in school includes van for pick up and drop of children.

We understand that in today’s cosmopolitan world of twin parent working culture and nuclear families, there is a growing need of parents to find a school in whose care their child can be entrusted. Given a choice the parents would have never left their children at daycare and learned parents would have ideally wanted the routine of the child to be like… warmly greeting the child post school, comfort them, make them change, sanitize them and treat them to sumptuous balanced meals post which the parent would have put them to power nap and when they wake up they would have been served with milk and evening snacks post which a learned mother would have taken on their academics… However this remains a wishful want for working parents and this void is filled by “APNA SHABDH”.
What blessing is the day care at “APNA SHABDH” which provides all the wishful wants under one roof.